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BAS Mission Statement

The Bluewater Astronomical Society is a group of amateur astronomers that love stargazing and sharing the hobby with others. We promote astronomy education in the Bluewater counties of Bruce and Grey by holding star gazing sessions, lectures and astronomy events for anyone interested in learning more about the night sky. We have a large, modern facility, the ES Fox Observatory on the grounds of the Bluewater Outdoor Education Centre of the Bluewater Education Foundation. There we show, to young and old alike, views of the Moon, planets, star clusters, galaxies and nebulae. Join us at our public stargazing sessions (see below or click on COMING EVENTS for dates to have some heavenly views at one of the last truly dark sky locations in Ontario.

The BOEC was declared Canada's 15th Dark Sky Preserve in Nov, 2012. At the ES Fox Observatory, we have a large reflecting telescope (a 28-inch Webster) and a 10-inch SCT on a GOTO mount that we use regularly in our public viewing sessions.

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More images and movies at BAS meeting Oct 7 at Grey Roots Museum. Join us!

Ⓒ2015 J.Hlynialuk


BAS events have been updated to Dec 2015. See COMING EVENTS

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Next BAS meeting Oct 7/15 @ 7pm at Grey Roots Museum. See COMING EVENTS.

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Visual Astronomy Happening Now:

Lunar Eclipse seen in spite of clouds over Bruce-Grey
(More under
CLoud cover prevented observing at the Fox Observatory but BAS members took to their cars and found holes in the overcast and succeeded in seeing some parts of the Sep 27 Lunar Eclipse. Some even managed to get images. A selection is provided below:

Steve Irvine from Big Bay. More here:


Richard Porter Image:


Robert Atkinson managed to get an image or two after a frustrating evening chasing clouds and giving up at least once. This image taken from his backyard in London ON.


Chris Hlynialuk Image St. Paul MN

Chris jet shadow

John Hlynialuk Image Owen Sound ON


From Our Astrophotograhers:

This image is a 3-1/2 hour record of the rotation of the northern sky around Polaris. A total of 572 images of 20 s each were made to record the sequence. Several satellite and aircraft trails are visible as well. The ES Fox Observatory is illuminated in red in the foreground. Image Sep 9, 2015 John Hlynialuk.

Image above was taken at the ES Fox Obs. from 10:55 pm on Sep 9 to 2:26 am Sep 10, 2015. This is a stack of 572 images -each one was a 20 s exposure at ISO 2000, f/3.5 with a 15 mm lens on a Canon 60Da camera. The shot shows the rotation of the northern sky counterclockwise around Polaris which is the short trail in the middle of the circles at top. There are several aircraft and satellite trails in the image, the most prominent one going from lower left towards Polaris is an aircraft. The red streaks at bottom are me with my red flashlight going towards the camera to check at various times. The red lights also illuminate the south wall of the observatory as well as the back of the Webster telescope trailer.



BAS regular meetings are the 1st Wed on the month except Jan and Feb 2015. Regular BAS meetings are at Grey Roots Museum but the June 3, July 8, August 5 and September 2 meetings are at the Fox Observatory. Check our calendar for public viewing nights at the Fox or elsewhere and contact Brett or John for impromptu observing nights: Brett T or John H if you would like to get on the alert list.

Next meeting will be September 2, 2015 at the ES Fox Observatory.
A summary of ALL REMAINING BAS events for 2015 is available here: 2015 Events Summary

Note there may be minor changes in this list as dates approach. For up-to-date listing, see our short list below or click on the COMING EVENTS page for detailed information.
NOTE: BAS Meetings and Public Viewings at Grey Roots Museum are open to the public and there is no charge. BAS viewing at ES Fox Observatory is either open to the public (see dates below) or for members and guests. HOWEVER, we welcome out-of-town guests AT NO CHARGE on all of our listed observing nights.  We will do our best to accommodate you!
Individuals or groups may request private tours on other dates (subject to availability of guides) by contacting John H. email: . There is a fee for private tours.


Events list below is now updated to the end of December 2015.

NOTE: ALL observing events require clear skies. If it is overcast or raining, the observing event will NOT be possible. If you arrive at the venue and it is overcast or raining, there may not be any BAS members there. See COMING EVENTS for more details and instructions. A contact phone number is provided there if you are unsure about whether to attend due to weather.

See COMING EVENTS page for more details than provided below:

EVENTS September 2015 to December 2015 (the short list)

BAS first Wed of the month meetings continue to Dec 2015. More details about the following events can be found in COMING EVENTS. Some of the more interesting sky events are also described graphically in SKY SIGHTS.

BAS meetings are now back at Grey Roots starting with the Oct 7, 2015 meeting). Regular BAS meetings happen the first Wednesday of the month from March to December.
Meetings usually consist of a short business meeting and include a speaker or presentation on an astronomy topic. See the meeting dates below for more details.
For meetings or viewing at the Fox Observatory, please park at the main lot by the Learning Centre (parking near the Fox is reserved for disability access and equipment drop-off). We are at the Grey Roots Museum for the Oct 7 meeting.

More details for the events listed here can be found on the COMING EVENTS page. A full list of the remaining events for 2015 is provided here: 2015 Events Summary Note this list changes from time to time as dates are confirmed, etc.



Sep 2 Wed BAS meeting at ES Fox Observatory Topic: Starfest recap
Sep 5 Sat LQ and Aldebaran Occultation Disappearance (bright limb) at 12:07 am (just after midnight Sep 4/5), Reappearance dark limb 12:39 am Sep 5, Moon LQ and rises from 1.75° to 7° above eastern horizon during occultation.
Sep 12 Sat BAS viewing@Fox
Sep 13 Sun NM and Partial Solar Eclipse Only visible from Antarctica and S. Africa, S. Pacific
Sep 13 Sun Paisley Fall Fair Solar display (daytime)
Sep 20 Sun Meaford Public viewing (talk & solar viewing)
Sep 21 Mon FQ
Sep 27 Sun FM and Total Lunar Eclipse Best for the year with totality starting at 10:11 pm DST Sep 27 and continuing to 11:23 pm. Moon is 35° high at mid-eclipse and climbing. A prime-time (Sunday night) astronomical event! Public Viewing at Fox Observatory


Oct 2 Fri Aldebaran Occultation Disappearance at 9:53 am EDT, reappearance at 10:53 am EDT (daytime) for Bruce-Grey. Moon near Last Quarter
Oct 4 Sun LQ
Oct 7 Wed BAS regular meeting at Grey Roots Museum Speaker Dr. Steve Briggs Optometrist
Oct 8 Thu Venus only 0.7° from Last Crescent Moon
Oct 9 Fri Last Crescent Moon, Mars, Jupiter in a 5° triangle. Mercury close to horizon. Nice!
Oct 10 Sat BAS viewing@Fox Regular Dark-of-the-Moon viewing night.
Oct 12 Mon NM and Uranus at opposition
Oct 17/18 Sat/Sun Mars - Jupiter separation 0.4° in morning sky.
Oct 19 Mon Lunar X visible on terminator of FQ Moon
Oct 20 Tue
Oct 21 Wed Orionid meteors: 20/h peak at 7 pm Moon is 61% illuminated (just Past FQ)
Oct 23 Fri BWDSB trustees tour of ES Fox Observatory (private tour) (cancelled)
Oct 26 MonVenus, Jupiter and Mars within 7.5° of each other for 3 weeks centered on this date. On Oct 17 Mars-Jupiter separation is 0.4°, tightest group of three on Oct 26. On Oct 25, Venus-Jupiter separation just over 1°. On Nov 3, Venus-Mars separation 0.7°.
Oct 27 Tue FM


Nov 3 Tue LQ and Mars and Venus conjunction in morning sky less than 1 degree apart
Nov 4 Wed BAS meeting at Grey Roots Museum Topic: Members night/Gadget Night
Nov 7 Sat Venus, Mars and Last Crescent Moon in nice 2° triangle below Jupiter in am
Nov 11 Wed NM Remembrance Day
Nov 14 Sat BAS viewing@Fox Regular Dark-of-the-Moon viewing night.
Nov 19 Thu FQ
Nov 25 Wed FM
Nov 26 Thu Aldebaran Occultation Disappearance at 5:38 am EST, Reappearance at 6:28 am EST
Moon is Full, elevation of Moon from 16° to 13°.


Dec 2 Wed BAS meeting at Grey Roots Museum Topic: Christmas wrap-up and recap of 2015
Dec 3 Thu LQ
Dec 7 Tue Daytime Occultation of Venus Disappearance on bright limb: 12:28 pm EST, duration 65 min. Reappearance at 1:32 pm EST. Moon is 3 days before New.
Dec 11 Fri NM
Dec 12 Sat BAS viewing@Fox. Possibly a Dec 13 evening meteor watch as well. To be confirmed.
Dec 14 Tue Geminid meteors peak at 120/h during daylight (1 pm) but Dec 13 and 15 have only thin crescent Moons brightening the evening sky so both nights should be good for meteor watching. Last Fox Observing event for 2015.
Dec 18 Fri FQ
Dec 25 Fri FM Happy Holidays!

More Details for the events listed above can be found on the COMING EVENTS page.

ES Fox Observatory Clear Sky Chart
Note: the chart below may not show the current cloud patterns.Click anywhere on the chart for the current display. If chart is still out of date try clearing your browser cache.


Auroral Displays

If the auroral oval is showing an intense RED, then aurora borealis may be visible from your location. Note that the auroral oval graphic is updated regularly. Time is indicated at the top. Subtract 5 h from UT to get local EST, subtract 4 h for DST or use the appropriate factor for your time zone. For more information click here: NOAA home website.

Current Auroral Oval not available right now

Latest Solar Heliospheric Observatory Images:

Screen shot 2015-08-11 at 10.46.57 AM