Quadrantid Meteors reach 283/hour!

The Quadrantid meteor shower came and went under overcast and windy skies inn Bruce-Grey. This instance of this shower was not ideal in any case for North America although see below for one exception. The graph right shows the observations of 25 observers in 13 countries, mostly in Europe and Asia. Analysis shows a ZHR of 283 per hour. (Zenithal Hourly Rate, the number of meteors an observer would see under a very dark sky with the radiant of the shower in zenith). This is based on a total of 467 Quadrantids seen.

Quad 2014

The lone North American observer was a fellow in S. California who logged 22 Quadrantid meteors. It is important to note that while the temperature at the Fox Observatory at 8 pm was -14C with a wind chill of -24C, it was a balmy 8C in CA with a humidity of 44%. I have been in the area on holiday in January and it IS as nice as it SOUNDS!
John H.