Nova Sag BACK TO MAG 4

Hi Everyone,
Good news! The star that went Nova in Sagittarius has flared back to naked eye visibility!
Today Sky and Telescope reports the nova at magnitude 4.4. This will make it a cinch to find and identify with binoculars even in the pre-dawn light.
Use the photo for a guide. The nova is brighter by far than any star in it’s vicinity.


Image by Bob King

I made my first and only observation last Sunday morning at about 6:20. Leaving it that late was almost a mistake. The sky was getting pretty bright and there were only a couple of dozen stars still visible. I couldn’t make out the Teapot without the binoculars. Fortunately with optical aid the nova was unmistakable. Any type of binocular will help do the trick but starting out before 6 am is the best bet.
Yesterday morning I had hoped for a repeat observation from Sauble Beach but there were clouds in the south blocking the view. We were so fortunate that we had an unobstructed western sky for the Lunar eclipse.
Here's to more favourable skies for nova spotting in the near future. I hope some of you are able to get out and have a try at this!
Clear skies all
Brett Tatton
BAS past president (still)