Strange-Looking Comet (PanSTARRS 2012K1)

In poking around the internet looking for information about Comet PanSTARRS-2012K1, I came across the sketch below from Uwe Pilz of Leipzig Germany. He posted this on Cloudy Nights Telescope Reviews:
I sketch comets often but show these sketches seldom here, because they are not especially impressive: Comets have soft borders.
In this case I make an exception: Comet Panstarrs looks very strange. The coma is oval, die [the] axis deviates from the anti-solar direction. The tail shows some wings which are not symmetric. Part of this habitus [?] may be caused by unusual spectrum of dust particles' diameter. May be some kind of outburst or disintegration plays a role.

If you have the chance, please look at this comet. It is in Hercules [now in Corona Borealis] and can be observed easily in the morning sky.

I used my 32 cm Newtonian and changed magnification between 96x and 144x. A Swan Band filter gave no effect: It is a dust rich comet.

Uwe Pilz sketch Mar 3 Liepzig Germany

If you get a chance do have a look as it should be brighter now, aprox. a month later. -John H.