General Info: PLEASE READ
Note: Observing is weather dependant -see Weather Information note at right.

Meeting Locations: (not weather dependant)
Meetings happen at
ES Fox Observatory (June, July, Aug and September only in 2014) (washrooms are available) (map)
Grey Roots Museum (map) Meeting Room Side Entrance (March, April, May, October, November, December only) (washrooms are available)

Observing Locations: (all locations are handicap accessible)

Our events usually happen at either the ES Fox Observatory (click for map)
or the
Grey Roots Museum (click for map) parking lot.

observing locations are “remote locations” meaning there are NO on-site washroom facilities.

BAS Observing Events (dates listed below) will occur at the ES Fox Observatory (3092 Bruce Rd 13) at the Bluewater Outdoor Ed Centre. Viewing at the observatory is WEATHER DEPENDENT. See notes below for more about weather.

To help with your observing plans with regard to moonlight, check the notation like (NM+3) beside various dates. This gives the approximate moon phase. NM+3, for ex. means the moon is 3 days after New, or LQ-2 means 2 days before Last Quarter.

Note: Some events are for BAS members and guests only, others are “public welcome events” and may or may not have fees. Refer to each entry for details. If you are coming from a distance we will try to accommodate you regardless. Contact us by phone (519-371-0670) ahead of time.

ALL observing events require clear skies. If it is overcast or raining, the observing event will NOT be possible. If you arrive at the venue, there may not be any BAS officials there. BAS monthly Meetings are not usually weather dependant.

If skies are partly cloudy, check the
Clear Sky Clock (bottom of HOME page) or call 519-371-0670 to confirm the event.

This list was updated Nov 22, 2014 with events for November and December 2014.
Note: BAS meetings and observing events are held at the Fox Observatory (at BOEC) in June, July, August and September. Meetings in October, November
and December are at the Grey Roots Museum.

Stargazing at the Fox Observatory is only possible
weather permitting. When visiting the observatory, park in the lot near the Learning Centre and walk to observatory please. Washrooms at the Learning Centre will be available for all ES Fox events.

Astronomical/BAS events for November to December 2014:


Nov 5 Wed BAS meeting Grey Roots Museum 7 pm Member’s Night and Gadget Night. Bring a favourite gadget, observing tip, book or other item to share. Contact to register a time slot for your item.

Nov 6 Thu (FM) Night of the Full Moon “Frosty Moon”

Nov 12 Wed Rosetta dispatches lander Philae to touch down on the surface of Comet 67/P C-G. This is the first time a scientific package has touched the surface of these enigmatic visitors from the outer solar system. Philae will anchor itself to the icy surface and drill into the surface, measure surface chemical makeup and do a host of other measurements from close up. These will be especially interesting as the comet warms up, becomes active and starts to develop a tail. Rosetta the mothership will be in orbit all along relaying data to Earth. Exciting times in comet research! More info on the ESA site here:

Nov 17 Mon (NM-4) Leonid meteors This is an off-year for Leonids which have an outburst every 33 years or so. The rate of 20/h at the peak time of 7 pm is a far cry from the 1000's /h of 2000 and 2001. The next major storm is not due until 2032 or so. The Moon is a last quarter and only 20% illuminated and waning, so if it is clear, it might be worthwhile going out to watch. Observing may happen at the Fox Observatory. Watch your email for notifications.

Nov 20 Thu (NM-2) Asteroid Juno (magnitude 9.1) occults 7.4 mag star SAO 117176. Drop in brightness of star will be 2.3 magnitudes, a substantial change. The ground track passes basically along the north shore of Lake Huron and the closest place to observe would be just north of Huntsville. This event is noted here mainly because of the bright star being occulted (easy to find) and the noticeable magnitude drop when Juno passes in front of the star. The distance is also not too far. Most of the other dozen or more such asteroid occultation events that happen every month are too faint or too far from our location.

Nov 22 Sat (NM) BAS viewing @Fox@dark. Members and Guest welcome! This is the regular NM viewing night at the Fox, with Mars and the two gas giants, Uranus and Neptune on the target list. Orion comes up before midnight and so does Jupiter. Best of all there are no bugs!


Dec 3 Wed BAS meeting Grey Roots Museum 7 pm. Topic: 2014 in images/Xmas meeting -a recap of 2014 happenings in pictures. This is our last meeting of the year until we meet again on March 4, 2015 at the Grey Roots Museum.

Dec 6 Sat (FM) Night of the Full Moon “Moon before Yule”

Dec 9 Tue (FM+3) Double Shadow Transit on Jupiter from 11:18 am to 11:27 am EST. This is just barely a double shadow transit and lasts only 9 minutes at best with both shadows near the limb. Possible but practically a challenging observation. Good luck!

Dec 13/14 Sat/Sun (LQ) Observing from ES Fox where we expect 120 shooting stars/h at the peak time of 7 am Sun. The Moon is in LQ phase and rises at midnight Dec 13, but the skies will be dark before then. If it wasn't so cold this time of year, this shower would be better observed. Members should watch your email for notifications about weather cancellations (if any) as the date approaches. Be prepared for a cold night if you decide to stick it and watch for several hours. If you do, the shower members in the past have been on the yellowish side and there are more than the normal number of slow fireballs.

Dec 20 Sat (NM-1) Winter Solstice 6:03 pm EST. BAS viewing @Fox@dark. Members and Guest welcome! This is the last in 2014 officially scheduled for BAS viewing and if you didn't get your fill of the winter Milky Way earlier in December or last month, here is another chance. Once again, come prepared for a cold night. It is after all winter in Canada!

Dec 21 Sun (NM) Last New Moon of the year 2014! See you all in the spring of 2015!